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I Don't Think About You Anymore But I Don't Think About You Anyless
13.01.2012 в 22:41
Пишет PsyCrow:
i make such good time through sub-space
when the troubles hit the road
and appear behind my car,
suddenly i feel as cold
as the devil's boudoir,
and my wheels, they squeak and creak,
and no longer seem to steer,
i have missed you for two weeks,
but they seem like half a year,
and the road is so unkind,
and the weather is severe
and my windscreen's going blind
and i think of something queer:
things like whether Patrick Wolf
is afraid of Silver Jews?
did the jurors have the proof
when The Killers were accused?
has Cat Stevens ever caught
anything like Modest Mouse?
what would change King Creosote
if the Queen had been his spouse?
and would Horses be much worse if
their Patti was no Smith?
Velvet Underground rose
to fame from how much deep?
and Tom Waits for something finer
than this world built upon lies,
Everything's not Made In China,
just Mooncake and Damien Rice,
and so on it goes and goes
till my eyes are no more wet,
and it pulls my train of thought
off my railroad of regret,
but they never disappear,
these black holes inside my mind,
and sometimes i still can hear
through the music far behind:
roaring klaxons of pursuit,
they catch up on either wing,
well, i'm driving forward but
what the fuck will future bring?

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