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identical to nothing
I Don't Think About You Anymore But I Don't Think About You Anyless

и весь фильм один вопрос:
и как такое пережить?

August, 1914
God said, “Men have forgotten Me:
The souls that sleep shall wake again,
And blinded eyes must learn to see.”

So since redemption comes through pain
He smote the earth with chastening rod,
And brought destruction's lurid reign;

But where His desolation trod
The people in their agony
Despairing cried, “There is no God.”

(“Died of Wounds”)
Because you died, I shall not rest again,
But wander ever through the lone world wide,
Seeking the shadow of a dream grown vain
Because you died.

I shall spend brief and idle hours beside
The many lesser loves that still remain,
But find in none my triumph and my pride;

And Disillusion's slow corroding stain
Will creep upon each quest but newly tried,
For every striving now shall nothing gain
Because you died.

Soft with the breath of flowers
And laughter of dead showers,
The passionate pale-lit hours
Encompass wood and lea;
And down the whispering river
Moon-bright dimples quiver
On waves that start and shiver
For fear to join the sea.

But when Night's veil grows older,
Her subtle silence colder,
The poplar's blackness bolder
Against the dawning sky,
New Day's renascent embers
Make June's dear dreams December's;
And no one else remembers
Except the moon and I.


Violets from Plug Street Wood---
Sweet, I send you oversea.
(It is strange they should be blue,
Blue when his soaked blood was red;
For they grew around his head.
It is strange they should be blue.)

Violets from Plug Street Wood---
Think what they have meant to me!
Life and Hope and Love and You.
(And you did not see them grow
Where his mangled body lay,
Hiding horror from the day.
Sweetest, it was better so.)

Violets from oversea,
To your dear, far, forgetting land:
These I send in memory,
Knowing You will understand.

Perhaps some day the sun will shine again,
And I shall see that still the skies are blue,
And feel once more I do not live in vain,
Although I feel bereft of You.

Perhaps the golden meadows at my feet
Will make the sunny hours of Spring seem
And I shall find the white May blossoms sweet,
Though You have passed away.

Perhaps the summer woods will shimmer
And crimson roses once again be fair,
And autumn harvest fields a rich delight,
Although You are not there.

Perhaps some day I shall not shrink in pain
To see the passing of the dying year,
And listen to the Christmas songs again
Although You cannot hear.

But, though kind Time may many joys renew,
There is one greatest joy I shall not know
Again, because my heart for loss of You
Was broken,long ago.

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2015-06-13 в 19:27 

I'm talking quietly to not wake myself up..
identical to nothing, прекрасный фильм! я после этого фильма прямо полюбила эту актрису - Алисию Викандер.
И в Ex Machina она, кстати, отлично сыграла. Не смотрела?

2015-06-13 в 22:47 

identical to nothing
I Don't Think About You Anymore But I Don't Think About You Anyless
нет, я ее только раз и видела) надо будет посмотреть значит